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By On April 18th, 2014

Is Apathy a Sign of Brain Shrinkage in Older Age?

Signs of apathy in older adults might be a warning sign for cognitive issues, as a new study shows apathetic older adults tend to have smaller brain volume than their more active peers. The researchers examined over 4,300 older adults, and saw that those with at least two signs of apathy had slightly less gray…


By On February 21st, 2014

Does Alcohol Cause Cognitive Impairment?

Alcohol has numerous detrimental effects on health, but according to a study from The University of Western Australia, it may not cause cognitive problems later in life, at least for older men. The paper, published in the journal Neurology, found that alcohol is not a direct cause of memory problems or cognitive impairment later in…


By On July 18th, 2013

Octagenarians are Mentally Sharper Than Even Before

Life at 90 isn’t as bad as it used to be as those who live past the octogenarian benchmark are living longer and staying mentally sharper than those who reached that age a decade earlier. According to Danish researchers, people born in 1915 are nearly a third more likely to reach the age of 95…

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