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By On August 28th, 2018

Model Ireland Baldwin shares her experience with an eating disorder

It would be easy to think Ireland Baldwin has lived a charmed life as the daughter of actors Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, but the 22-year-old recently opened up about struggling with body issues throughout her life. Over the weekend, the emerging model shared several photos and messages on Instagram detailing how she battled eating…


By On June 25th, 2018

Florence Welch uses new single to finally confront her eating disorder

Florence Welch opens the new single from her band, Florence and the Machine’s by singing “at 17, I started to starve myself.” The song, “Hunger,” marks the first time she was “able to put it on paper” or publicly talk about the eating disorder she developed as a teenager. In a wide-ranging interview with The Guardian’s…


By On May 25th, 2018

After 46 years with bulimia, author shows recovery is possible at any age

When Iris Ruth Pastor was a 19-year-old college student, she thought she found a secret shortcut to maintain her body shape while also developing a social standing within her school and achieving high grades. It all seemed to be working perfectly for her. Unfortunately, that shortcut was actually a destructive eating disorder that she would…


By On April 10th, 2018

Disney star Dove Cameron says she had a “bad case of anorexia”

The danger of eating disorders in Hollywood has been an open secret for decades, but one Disney actress is coming clean about her experience with anorexia. “Descendants 2” and “Liv and Maddie” star Dove Cameron recently decided to admit her own struggles with eating disorders to be more honest with her fans. “I’ve never said…


By On January 5th, 2018

How one daughter told her mom and dad she had an eating disorder

For those living with an eating disorder, secrecy tends to be a way of life. They fear being “found out” and facing the embarrassment or shame of admitting to their disorder. In most cases, they manage to hide their eating disorder until they reach a tipping point where they are confronted by friends, family, doctors,…


By On November 6th, 2017

What does “full recovery” from an eating disorder actually look like?

When you talk to survivors of eating disorders, there is a recurring theme. Many say they will “always be recovering,” while others say, “every day is a battle.” Even years after their worst times, survivors live with the knowledge that a relapse could happen at any time. Of course, these words can sound very disheartening…

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