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By On October 13th, 2017

Amazon comes under fire for selling hoodie trivializing eating disorders

Amazon is under fire for selling a crass sweatshirt that many believe trivializes eating disorders. The hoodie, sold by a third-party retailer, reads: “Anorexia, like bulimia, except with self-control.” There are a number of things wrong with the sweatshirt, but the biggest is that it treats eating disorders as a joke. For far too long,…


By On October 6th, 2017

Why celebrities are suddenly talking openly about eating disorders

Since the creation of modern society, eating disorders have haunted men and women while lurking in the shadows. The pressure to appear a certain way or maintain a specific weight has driven all sorts of dangerous behaviors, fad diets, and purging techniques. But, society refused to talk about it. Over the past few years, however,…


By On March 8th, 2016

Survey Shows How People With Eating Disorders Think Others See Them

Out of all mental health issues, eating disorder may be the most misunderstood. Unfortunately, the widespread misunderstandings and misconceptions cause even more pain for those who live with an eating disorder, as a recent survey by Yahoo and Silver Hill Hospital shows. The survey asked 2,300 respondents who self-identified as having an eating disorder or…

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