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By On July 30th, 2015

Is Stomach Bacteria Causing Depression and Anxiety?

People who struggle with depression are often told “it’s all in your head” by people who don’t understand mental illness and underestimate the severe reality of depression. But, while depression isn’t all in your head, a new study suggests a significant factor in depression and anxiety may be in your stomach. Researchers from the Farncombe…


By On July 10th, 2015

Future Risk of Depression In Children May Be Predicted By Pupil Dilation

New research indicates the key to identifying children at risk for depression early may lie in their eyes. A recent study from Binghamton University says pupil dilation in the children of depressed mothers when seeing an emotional image may be a strong predictor of the child’s risk for depression over the next two years. Professor…


By On January 28th, 2015

10 Statistics That Show The Real Impact of Depression

Depression is one of the most underestimated illnesses known in the modern world. While it devastates countless lives, many people still think of the condition as a “minor” affliction or a temporary mood problem rather than the crushing illness that can often feel inescapable it really is. Those who experience depression struggle through feelings of…


By On April 24th, 2014

Researchers Claim a Natural Hormone May Provide Breakthrough Depression Treatment

Depression sufferers around the world may have a source of hope as researchers from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center claim to have found a “breakthrough” way to treat the disorder. The study, published online in April’s issue of Molecular Psychiatry, claims to have improved our understanding of how a specific natural antidepressant hormone…

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