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By On June 9th, 2016

Blood Tests Could Identify Those Who Will Respond Well To Depression Treatment

Finding the right medication to treat depression can be incredibly tricky and unfortunately often boils down to trial and error. Patients can be prescribed multiple ineffective medications before ever finding the right one and occasionally the side-effects can be devastating. Approximately half of all people who experience depression do not respond to medication. Thankfully a…


By On September 8th, 2015

Animal Study Gives Insight To Why Depression and Addiction Treatments Sometimes Don’t Work

New research published in the journal Neuron may give inside to why drug treatments for addiction and depression are ineffective for some individuals while working on others. Researchers from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis say they believe the inconsistent effect is associated with the brain’s reward and aversion pathways. After observing mice,…


By On August 22nd, 2014

Combining Medication With Therapy Is a Reliable Way To Treat Severe Depression

In the search for new treatments that can faithfully manage depression, it appears we have overlooked the power of one of the most standard treatment forms available today. According to new research, the combination of cognitive therapy with medication improves the odds of recovering from severe, nonchronic depression by as much as 30 percent. However,…

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