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By On February 16th, 2016

O.J. Simpson: An American Story of CTE

How has it been over twenty years since the O.J. Simpson trial? I’ve been watching the television program, “People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story” on FX recently, and, in many ways, it doesn’t seem like that long ago that a great many of us were glued to our televisions as the trial unfolded and…


By On January 7th, 2016

The Chicken or the Egg: Brain Injury and Mental Health Problems

Written by Nick Adams Looking for the cause of mental health problems will take us in many different directions: a neurochemical problem, the end product of negative life experiences including trauma or a change to behavior, cognition and emotions caused by an injury to the brain? Or, perhaps there is a combination of factors which…


By On January 4th, 2016

Ray Ciancaglini’s Middle Way: Sports and Concussion

The “middle way” was described by the Buddha in his first discourse as abandoning the extremes for the path in the middle.  I was reminded of this concept after a recent conversation with Ray Ciancaglini during which Dr. Rolf B. Gainer interviewed Ray about his thoughts on the similarities between boxing, football and resulting brain…


By On February 5th, 2014

Olympic Athletes and the Risks of the Games

Excitement is building with the start of the Sochi Winter Olympic Games just around the corner.  There are families around the world who will be watching the Games with excitement – and anxiety.  Traumatic brain injuries are not uncommon to the Games – summer and winter.  In 2010 while preparing for the Games in Canada,…


By On January 8th, 2013

Former NFL Players Show Increased Cognitive Impairment

As we enjoy the football games of the playoff season, the conversation about the dangerous nature of concussions continues.  A recent study was published that looks at the association between concussions, cognitive impairment and depression. A group of retired National Football League players were found to have more cognitive difficulties and depression compared to a…


By On June 25th, 2012

Traumatic Brain Injury is on the Rise

Traumatic brain injury is a form of acquired brain injury that occurs when a trauma causes some form of damage to the brain. TBI comes in many forms from mild or moderate to severe. Mild TBI’s occur when a person does not lose consciousness or losses consciousness for a short time period and experiences headaches,…

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