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By On May 29th, 2014

Can Cynicism Increase Your Risk of Dementia?

Cynicism is already considered an undesirable trait by most people who find constant pessimism uninviting, but a new study shows that cynics may also be at a higher risk for cognitive problems later in life. In the study, cynicism is defined as the belief that people are largely driven by self-interests and self-promotion, and thus…


By On May 13th, 2014

Common Workplace Solvents Linked To Long-Term Cognitive Problems

Those who work around paint, glue, or degreaser fumes on a regular basis may be at high risk of experiencing memory and thinking problems for years or even decades after exposure according to a recent study published in the journal Neurology. “Our findings are particularly important because exposure to solvents is very common, even in…


By On April 25th, 2014

Cognitive Abilities Stay Relatively Stable Throughout Bipolar Disorder

Many researchers have suggested that cognitive deficits may progress throughout the course of bipolar disorder. However, findings from an analysis involving 14 previous studies suggest that the cognitive deficits experiences by bipolar patients remain relatively stable across the disease course. As Sarah Pritchard reports, the researchers saw no significant differences in 14 cognitive variables examined…


By On March 28th, 2014

Cognitive Abilities of Bipolar Patients Not as Uniform as Previously Believed

In the past, research has regularly suggested that bipolar disorder patients show cognitive ability levels midway between that of mentally healthy control patients and patients with schizophrenia. But, researchers and doctors have been uncomfortable with the suggestion that bipolar disorder patients can be so easily categorized, and with good reason. A new study says that…

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