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By On June 10th, 2013

Email Therapy For Anxiety

Psychotherapy for anxiety has a proven track record in both the short and long term, but what if it isn’t accessible to someone who needs it? Sherry Boschert reports for Clinical Psychiatry News that a recent study tackled this very question by testing the efficacy of cognitive-behavioral therapy via email. At first glance, I would…


By On May 13th, 2013

Poor Sleep Quality Linked To Alzheimer’s

Poor sleep quality, specifically what experts refer to as “sleep-wake problems”, are a common symptom of Alzheimer’s disease, even in a preclinical stage. This poor sleep quality, which can even be observed in cases of mild cognitive impairment, is believed to be caused by a build up of beta-amyloid in the brain. To expand this…


By On April 9th, 2013

Weight Loss Program For Mental Illness Sufferers

Individuals with serious mental illness often experience weight gain in addition to other symptoms. This can be attributed to a poor diet and inability or lack of motivation to exercise. Also, many pychotropic medications list weight gain as a main side effect. Clinical Psychiatry News has encouraging news on this front, however. Doctors recently found…


By On April 2nd, 2013

Amount Of Activity Key To Improving Cognitive Function

Remaining physically and mentally active has long been considered a key to fighting, or at least delaying, cognitive decline. A recent study seems to suggest, however, that the type of activity is less important than the amount of activity. Mary Ann Moon has the full report for Clinical Psychiatry News. One important aspect of the…


By On March 14th, 2013

Drug Causes Memory Improvement For Alzheimer’s Patients

It is always exciting when a new treatment method is shown to improve or prolonge the life of a suffering individual. Clinical Psychiatry News reports such an encouraging advancement with their article about the drug ORM-12741, which is being used to treat Alzheimer’s patients. The drug would likely be considered a success if it simply…

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