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By On June 29th, 2015

Meditation as a Treatment for Chronic Pain

Considering the high death rate by overdose of prescription pain medication, our friend, Dr. Ruwan Jayatunge has written a timely and helpful article about treating chronic pain with meditation practice. When I was part of our Admissions Team at Brookhaven Hospital, I met many people from all walks of life who had become addicted to…


By On November 5th, 2013

Brain Scans Give Insight Into Fibromyalgia-Related Pain

A new study sheds insight into how pain factors into fibromyalgia, a chronic condition we know very little about. Brain scans showed that fibromyalgia patients are not as able to mentally prepare for pain compared to healthy people. They are also less respondent to the promise of pain relief. Fibromyalgia is not well understood, but…


By On October 15th, 2013

Chronic Pain May Result From Autoimmune Neuropathy

Chronic pain can be one of the most frustrating conditions for health professionals and patients alike, as there has been no established cause or cure for the condition. Doctors can’t find the problem, and patients get told it is all in their head, but the problem doesn’t go away. However, some doctors and scientists are…

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