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By On November 6th, 2017

What does “full recovery” from an eating disorder actually look like?

When you talk to survivors of eating disorders, there is a recurring theme. Many say they will “always be recovering,” while others say, “every day is a battle.” Even years after their worst times, survivors live with the knowledge that a relapse could happen at any time. Of course, these words can sound very disheartening…


By On May 19th, 2017

Kesha shares an open letter about overcoming eating disorders

Since undergoing treatment for an eating disorder in 2014, Kesha has been an outspoken public advocate working to raise awareness and remove the stigma from eating disorders. However, she has often kept the details of her own struggle to herself. That has changed with a new essay for Teen Vogue, where the singer goes more…


By On December 28th, 2016

Almost Two-Thirds of People With Eating Disorders Eventually Recover

Recovering from eating disorders is typically described as a difficult journey with a high-risk for relapse, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t hope. While recovery may be tough, almost two-thirds of all women with anorexia or bulimia eventually recover during their lifetime according to a new study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. “These…


By On December 30th, 2015

A Varied Diet Can Be Key For Successful Eating Disorder Recovery

Eating disorder recovery is a long and difficult path, but it can be life-saving. Most often, individuals with eating disorders are treated through extensive counseling and require the strong support of friends and family to achieve a healthy lifestyle. In the treatment process, it is also common for professionals to dictate an eating plan to…

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