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By On February 2nd, 2017

Study Shows How Common Disordered Eating Is Among Models

The fashion industry has long been criticized for promoting eating disorders by overwhelmingly featuring extremely thin women in fashion shows and advertisements. Now, these claims are being backed up by research which says many fashion models live with eating disorders and the constant pressure to conform to dangerously thin ideals. “While acknowledgment of disordered eating…


By On June 17th, 2016

Commenting On A Child’s Weight May Do More Harm Than Good

Being a parent means having to make difficult choices. One of those choices you might have to make is whether to talk with an overweight child about weight. If you don’t say anything, there’s the chance you may miss the opportunity to correct unhealthy habits before they become a life-long health issue. But, more and…


By On June 2nd, 2014

Is Social Media Facilitating Eating Disorders?

For years, much of the discussion surrounding eating disorders and the cultural factors which contribute to them has focused on media, marketing, and the idealization of the human body through photo manipulation. That topic is still as relevant as ever, but another part of modern life is beginning to draw attention for its own role…


By On March 15th, 2014

Art Exhibition Explores Body Image

 We are bombarded constantly with unrealistic images of women.  Last year, two former classmates had lunch and decided to create an exhibition to explore these issues through artistic expression.  “Body Conscius” at the  Amelie A. Wallace Gallery at State University of New York College at Old Westbury is intended to promote discussion about how these media…

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