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By On September 4th, 2018

MRI’s may hold the key to better diagnosing people with depression and bipolar disorder

Diagnosing mental illnesses has always been notoriously difficult and with a high risk for misdiagnosis. After all, mental health professionals typically have to rely only on the subjective information from patients and surveys used to gauge symptoms as objectively as possible to form a diagnosis. Complicating matters further is the fact that many mental illnesses…


By On May 27th, 2015

Bipolar Disorder Is Being Diagnosed At Earlier Ages, But Mortality Rate Is Still High

Advancements in mental health treatment are contributing to bipolar disorder being detected at younger ages, but new research shows the mortality rate remains high. “Unfortunately, our study cannot say why bipolar is being diagnosed earlier, but we have several theories. One is increased awareness about bipolar disorder among clinicians,” Clara Reece Medici, fifth-year medical student,…


By On May 15th, 2014

Age and Age at Onset of Bipolar Disorder Affect Response to Treatment

According to a report from Medwire News, researchers claim differences in response to treatment emerge when patients with bipolar disorder are grouped by age and their age at bipolar onset. The researchers evaluated patients from the European Mania in Bipolar Longitudinal Evaluation of Medication (EMBLEM) study. Of the patients, 1191 were below the age of…

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