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By On August 8th, 2018

VR Technology May Bridge The Gap In Eating Disorder Treatment

For someone with an eating disorder, even the most innocuous activities can be dread-inducing. Going out to eat, shopping at the mall, or showing up at events can feel like nightmares brought to life, as those with eating disorders are forced to confront their triggers face-to-face. This is why a common part of the most…


By On July 23rd, 2018

Brain stimulation system shows promise in treating severe anorexia

Researchers say they may have found a way to treat the most severe cases of anorexia be connecting electrodes to very specific areas of the brain. Before you go imagining old “electro-shock” therapies you’ve seen in horror movies, this system is discreet and non-painful. It requires placing electrodes inside the brain connected to a small…


By On May 14th, 2018

Is virtual reality the future of eating disorder treatment?

Eating disorders have always been notoriously hard to treat, with many people requiring inpatient treatment, long-term counseling, and potentially medication to eventually achieve recovery. However, a new report suggests that eating disorder treatment could one day utilize virtual reality (VR) to more effectively treat individuals in safe, controlled environments. The report is the result of…


By On July 6th, 2017

10 things you should know about anorexia

  Most people are somewhat aware of what anorexia is. They know it is an eating disorder and is largely characterized by avoiding eating. But, there is much more to know about the complex and deadly eating disorder affecting millions of people in America alone. Here are ten facts to help you better understand and…


By On March 24th, 2017

Anorexia Tied To Specific Gene In New Study

Eating disorders are often thought of as “an issue with weight” or as a behavioral reaction to body image problems. The truth is that eating disorders like anorexia are diseases that are deeply ingrained in the mind and body through a combination of genetics and environment. A recent study published in the journal Translational Psychiatry…


By On March 8th, 2017

Anorexia Rehabilitation May Need More Time To Restore The Brain

A lot of attention is paid to how anorexia affects the body, from the focus on weight to the long-term risks of organ failure or death. But, many forget that anorexia is a mental disorder first and foremost, and treatment needs to focus on the brain as much as the body. New research published in…


By On February 24th, 2017

Can Deep Brain Stimulation Help People With Treatment-Resistant Anorexia?

While the most common treatments for anorexia are effective for many who struggle with the eating disorder, a significant number of people don’t respond to typical therapy or medication treatments. Canadian doctors say they may have found a way to treat those who haven’t responded to all other forms of treatment using deep brain stimulation…


By On December 13th, 2016

Congress Passes First Ever Bill To Direct Address Eating Disorders

For the first time in history, eating disorders have been recognized in a piece of federal legislation. Last week, Congress passed a bill called the 21st Century Cures Act, part of which is directed at improving access to treatment and increasing eating disorder prevention efforts. Current estimates suggest up to 30 million people in the…


By On July 19th, 2016

Brain Abnormalities May Explain Why Some Anorexics Don’t Respond To Treatment

Researchers have discovered abnormalities in areas of the brain associated with forming insight. According to the team led by the University of Illinois at Chicago and UCLA, these abnormalities could potentially explain why some people with anorexia nervosa seem to have difficulty recognizing their own dangerous disorder eating habits. According to the study recently published…

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