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By On October 23rd, 2018

Montana teen explains why it was hard to believe he was anorexic

Zach Schermele lived the typical life you would expect of a boy growing up in Montana. As he describes it, Zach “grew up in a household with no short supply of hunter’s orange, Sunday night football, and diesel trucks. He was also harboring a secret. Zach Schermele was living with anorexia nervosa. “I am a…


By On January 2nd, 2017

PBS Newshour Explores The Hidden Struggle of Men With Eating Disorders

Eating disorders have long been considered an affliction that only affects women because of the intense societal pressure to be thin. But that narrow view ignores the growing number of men who live with eating disorders and the physiological and mental underpinnings that provide the foundation for these disorders. The National Eating Disorders Association estimates…


By On October 2nd, 2015

Columbia Professor Explores How Men With Anorexia Are Often Overlooked

Anorexia is perhaps the most well-known eating disorder, but it is often thought of as a “girl’s disease.” Anorexia nervosa is most prevalent in young women, but too often people take that to mean it only occurs in these girls. In reality anorexia occurs in individuals of all ages, genders, shapes, and sizes. Deborah R.…

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