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By On April 22nd, 2013

Education Key For Alzheimer’s Treatments

A major obstacle in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease specifically, but also likely in many other diseases and disorders, is patient’s discontinuing prescribed medication. As Daniel Keller, of Medscape, reports, the key to individuals adhering to their prescriptions may be a better effort to educate about them. The findings of a recent study were that…


By On April 3rd, 2013

Dietary Keys To Fighting Alzheimer’s

There are currently five pharmaceutical drugs approved for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, but none of these drugs can stop the progression of the disease or even treat all symptoms. Researchers seemingly make new discoveries about the disease every day, but a cure still seems out of reach. This is why there has been such…


By On March 14th, 2013

Drug Causes Memory Improvement For Alzheimer’s Patients

It is always exciting when a new treatment method is shown to improve or prolonge the life of a suffering individual. Clinical Psychiatry News reports such an encouraging advancement with their article about the drug ORM-12741, which is being used to treat Alzheimer’s patients. The drug would likely be considered a success if it simply…


By On March 12th, 2013

Alzheimer’s Could Affect Sleep Quality

There have been numerous studies on Alzheimer’s recently and all of them are attempting to find new ways to spot Alzheimer’s earlier and easier. Michael Smith writes for MedPage Today that in a recent study at Washington University in St. Louis inefficient sleeping was tied to a molecule involved in Alzheimer’s pathogenesis. However, amyloid, which…


By On March 11th, 2013

More Encouraging News About Alzheimer’s

I’ve written before about the relationship between amyloid plaque and Alzheimer’s. Amyloid accumulates over time in the brain of Alzheimer’s patients and is the focus of many of the tests and studies done to help better understand the causes of the disease and how to treat it. Health News Digest reports that one study is…


By On February 20th, 2013

The Unknowns of Alzheimer’s Disease

There is still much we don’t know about Alzheimer’s disease. For instance, amyloid, a protein naturally manufactured by the body in small quantities, is found in autopsies of those who die of Alzheimer’s as a sticky plaque in the brain. While evidence suggests amyloid does contribute to cognitive decline, its mere presence does not trigger…


By On February 4th, 2013

Foods To Prevent Alzheimer’s

While there are some scary projections for the growth of dementia diagnoses for the future, there are also growing preventative measures being published. One of the easiest ways to keep your brain healthier and sharper for longer is a simple change in diet. Diets In Review has a list of 10 so called “super foods”…


By On January 24th, 2013

MRI Introduced As Alternative Diagnostic Test For Alzheimer’s

In order to test a patient with dementia for Alzheimer’s disease, doctors can perform a ‘spinal tap’. It’s invasive and painful but it produces a diagnosis. A new method is being developed, however, that would allow doctors to simply look at an MRI of a patient to determine whether or not they had Alzheimer’s. The…


By On January 17th, 2013

Is Milkshake To Aide Early Dementia Patients Too Good To Be True?

Earlier this week, a so-called “brain boosting” milkshake hit stores in the UK. It contains omega 3 fatty acids, B vitamins and other nutrients that are said to increase brain cells used for memory and those in the early stages of dementia are being targeted as consumers. Jenny Hope, of the Daily Mail, reports that…


By On January 10th, 2013

Infants’ Brains Reveal Risk Of Mental Health Concerns

A recent study took “early intervention” to a whole new level. Researchers found that variations in certain genes, which were associated with mental conditions such as Alzheimer’s, depression and autism, could be found even in brain scans of infants. Be sure to check out the full article on Futurity for more details. Not only is…

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