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By On January 22nd, 2019

Can a small motion sensor identify anxiety and depression in young children?

There is strong evidence that anxiety disorders begin much earlier than most people think, with as many as one in five young children showing sign of clinical anxiety. The problem is that these young children often lack the understanding and language to communicate their anxiety. Additionally, these “internalizing disorders”, as they are often called, are…


By On October 29th, 2018

Distrust and lack of communication in families may make teens more prone to depression and anxiety

The importance of family support in living with and recovering from mental illness is undeniable. Countless studies have shown that a supportive family is tied to better outcomes and more sustainable recovery. They help a person with mental illness navigate life and its challenges, provide a safety net during relapses or particularly trying times, and…


By On October 4th, 2017

A bad mood may be contagious, but depression is not

If you’ve never personally experienced depression, it can be easy to dismiss the illness as just a matter of having a “bad mood.” I mean, we’ve all felt “down” or “woke up on the wrong side of the bed”, so why would it be that much harder to just stop being depressed? The answer, of…


By On November 21st, 2016

Depressive Episodes Surge Among Teens, Treatment Rates Stagnate

Being a teenager is difficult for everyone, but a new report contains troubling findings about the mental health of adolescents and young adults. According to the findings publishing in the journal Pediatrics, there has been a concerning increase in the number of young adults between the ages of 12 and 20 who have experienced at…


By On January 18th, 2016

Poor Childhood Associated With Poor Brain Connectivity, Depression

Childhood poverty has been linked with numerous negative health effects, including an increased risk of depression. However, until now scientists have not really been able to explain the connection aside from making guesses about how economic pressures may impact the brain. Now, researchers from Washington University St. Louis may have the first evidence showing how…


By On August 5th, 2015

Childhood Picky Eating Linked To Depression and Anxiety

Having a child in the house who is a picky eater can be frustrating, but new research suggests it can also have serious implications for your child’s health. A new study published in journal Pediatrics shows moderate to severe picky eating habits may also be tied to serious childhood mental health issues such as depression…


By On July 10th, 2015

Future Risk of Depression In Children May Be Predicted By Pupil Dilation

New research indicates the key to identifying children at risk for depression early may lie in their eyes. A recent study from Binghamton University says pupil dilation in the children of depressed mothers when seeing an emotional image may be a strong predictor of the child’s risk for depression over the next two years. Professor…


By On June 4th, 2015

Being Bullied Doubles The Risk Of Depression

Many people say bullying is just a part of “kids being kids” but it can have severe consequences for the children that are bullied, according to a new study published in The BMJ. According to the findings, children who report being bullied by their peers at age 13 are twice as likely to experience depression…


By On January 22nd, 2015

Study Shows Adolescents With Major Depressive Disorder Need More Focused Care

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry highlights the importance of early identification and intervention for depression in American children. The researchers used data from a nationally representative sample of adolescents who participated in the National Comorbidity Survey – Adolescent Supplement (NCS-A) to evaluate for symptoms…

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