By On December 26th, 2013

Struggling During the Holiday Season? Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Support

iStock_000014320433MediumChristmas may be over, but the stress and sadness many experience throughout the holiday season may still be lingering through the New Year. While the holidays are normally associated with cheer and happy times with family and friends, there is also a reason “the Holiday Blues” is a common phrase this time of year.

Tom Watkins, CEO of Detroit-Wayne Mental Health Authority, spoke with CBS Detroit about the wave of holiday stress and depression that occurs every year. He says it even raises domestic violence and suicide rates.

“We do see a rise in people reaching out and needing help during this period, but also right after the holidays more people can feel even more isolated, so mental health issues are not something that just happens during one particular season. It’s an issue that’s all year long.”

But, there are ways to help yourself get back on the track to happiness, no matter how hard the holidays have been. Watkins advises keeping people around you and looking for positive activities that may take your mind off of things, such as reading or exercise. The holidays offer many opportunities to connect with old friends, so don’t be afraid to reach out and rekindle the friendship while you can.

“We encourage (people) not to isolate themselves during these times. To reach out and to engage themselves in many, many different ways,” said Watkins.

If you need help with stress or depression during any time of the year, we always encourage you to contact us. We are here to offer support and guidance during any season.

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