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Spotting Lesser-Known Symptoms of Depression Can Save a Life

Sad WomanDepression is a complex and difficult to recognize illness. It can be hard to tell when a friend or family member goes from “feeling a little down” or “stuck in a rut” to experiencing clinical depression for a prolonged period. The line between generic and temporary sadness are very blurred, but knowing the symptoms of depression can help you identify the condition in loved ones or even yourself.

There are more symptoms to clinical depression than simply feelng sad or experiencing grief. In fact, a recent study published in Social Indicators Research found more depression symptoms in students than ever before, opening a door to greater understanding of depression as a whole. The newly associated symptoms can also help you better sight those who are in need of assistance.

As PsyBlog explains:

Symptoms of depression that many reported, but which people appeared not to know were signs of depression included:

      1. Poor appetite.
      2. Problems sleeping.
      3. Lack of concentration.
      4. Restlessness.
      5. Feeling overwhelmed.

…The study found that compared to their counterparts in the 1980s, teens in the 2010s were 38% more likely to have memory problems and 74% more likely to have trouble sleeping.

Teens were also twice as likely to have seen a mental health professional about these issues.

Amongst college students, 50% said they were overwhelmed, while adults reported poor sleep, lack of appetite and feeling restless.

Considering depression affects 14.8 million Americans (6.7 percent of the population over the age of 18) in any given year, it is highly likely that you know someone who has experienced depression or you personally have struggled with the condition.
If you believe you or anyone you know is struggling with depression, please call us or seek other professional assistance.

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