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“Sons of Anarchy” Star, Johnny Lewis, Drugs, Murder and Suicide

The tragic death of Johnny Lewis by suicide sounds like a crime investigation television show. Lewis was found dead outside of a home in Los Feliz and the 81- year old homeowner, Catherine Davis was found dead inside, apparently a victim of Mr. Lewis. Lewis, 28, was renting a room from Ms. Davis. Last week the neighbors reported that Mr. Lewis introduced himself to them, left for a period and returned to fight with them and a painter working on their property. The neighbors reported fighting off Mr. Lewis and that he was “unfazed by the blows”. They escaped by barricading themselves in their home and calling the police. By the time the police arrived Mr. Lewis was dead in the driveway, he either jumped or fell from the garage roof. Inside the Davis home, police found that Ms. Davis had died from “blunt force trauma and strangulation”. Additionally, he bludgeoned and dismembered the landlady’s cat.

Lewis was arrested three times between 2011 and 2012, once for assault with a bottle and another event in which he broke into a woman’s house. A probation officer expressed concerns for Lewis’ well-being and for people in community, He further described Mr. Lewis as “suffering from mental health and chemical dependency issues”.

Detectives investigating the murder and suicide believe that Lewis was taking a synthetic drug known as 2C-I or “smiles” a synthetic hallucinogenic. “Smiles” chemically resembles Ecstasy (MDMA) and some of the other drug components which are showing up in “bath salts”. The effects of “smiles” includes auditory and visual hallucinations, along with feelings of giddiness, relaxation and empathy. Users of “smiles” report an amphetamine-like rush followed by intense visual and auditory hallucinations. Drugs like “smiles” are made illegally and can vary from batch to batch in terms of potency and purity. “Smiles” has been known to cause seizures, kidney failure and potentially fatal blood pressure.

Mr. Lewis use of “smiles” may have been the cause of his erratic behavior, the murder of his landlady and her cat and ultimately his own death. The toxicology report will address the role of drugs in the event. Unfortunately, his death is probably one that we can attribute to illegal drug use.

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