By On September 15th, 2014

Simple Tips for Supporting Someone Experiencing Depression

Pulling Others Up

If you speak to a number of individuals who have experienced depression, it quickly becomes clear that the actual disease is one factor in the equation that makes the condition so debilitating. Yes, depression takes a large toll on both the emotional and physical well-being of individuals, but the stigma and lack of understanding can be one of the most troubling aspects of living with depression.

Despite not understanding, friends and families of those who have been diagnosed with depression often try to provide support. However, without knowing how to provide the most effective support these attempts can often prove disastrous.

Late last week, Huffington Post shared a guide to offering support for those struggling with depression to help those who know what it is like to want to help someone close to them, but didn’t know how at the time.

While most of the guide is based around phrases that will help better communicate your attempt to care for and support your friend or family member, it also explores why these simple phrases are so effective and what you can do beyond saying the right lines at the right time.

None of the tips seem revolutionary, but to someone dealing with depression they can mean the world.

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