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Should You Say Something When You Think a Friend Has an Eating Disorder?

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In theory, the question of whether you should get involved when you think a friend has an eating disorder seems clear cut. “Of course, you help a friend in need,” you think. But, the real world throws complications in at every opportunity that can make this situation much more complex than may be expected.

Perhaps you think you’re making too much out of something insignificant. “So what if they are going to the bathroom really frequently? They may have a health issue they don’t want to discuss. And they’ve always been thin…”

Or maybe you think you aren’t close enough to get involved. Maybe you’re not the best person to intervene?

These are tough questions many people find themselves asking when they start to think something is up, as one person recently asked Refinery29’s Unprofessional Advice column.

While there is no perfect answer for whether you should step in and try to help someone you think is struggling with an eating disorder, the author Kelsey Miller says the best course of action is usually to reach out.

Find out more in “I Think My Friend Has An Eating Disorder & I Don’t Know What To Do”.

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