By On April 18th, 2006

Self-Harm and the Goth Culture

Researchers have drawn a link between goth culture and self-harm:

“The study, published in the British Medical Journal, found that 53 percent of those who were linked to the Goth subculture reported self-harm and 47 percent had attempted suicide.

Even adjusting for other factors, such as alcohol abuse and previous depression, Goth identification was the strongest predictor of self harm or suicide attempts, the report said.”

While a link has been made, perfectly legitimate questions arise. Is it possible that goth culture simply attracts people who self-harm already? And if so, does goth culture help, hinder, or ignore their behavior? An article on the same study says “Goth Culture May Protect Vulnerable Children.

In finding a connection between culture and mental illness, we help increase our understanding of important issues, but we also risk generating myths. For more information about self-harm, visit selfharm.net

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