By On November 2nd, 2012

Schizophrenia Diagnosed Through Eye Movement

A new way to diagnose schizophrenia is more than 98-percent accurate and uses eye movement tests. As reported at News-Medical, the model was created by researchers of a new paper in Biological Psychiatry. They combined the eye tests with algorithms to make their diagnoses.

The link between eye movement and psychotic illnesses has been well known, but never before have they been tracked accurately enough to make credible diagnoses.

Individuals with a mental illness typically show abnormalities in eye movement, such as trouble tracking slow moving objects or abnormal viewing patterns of still images. One of the most exciting elements of this paper is that the abnormalities displayed by schizophrenics could actually be distinguishable from those of individuals with other mental illnesses. Often, these issues with eye movement will manifest before many other symtpoms, which could allow for earlier diagnosis.

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