By On January 17th, 2013

Repressing Anger Can Lead to Higher Risk of Disease


Some of us express our anger quite freely, whereas, others find it more difficult.  Recent research showed that people who articulate their anger could potentially live a longer life compared to those who keep it inside.  Researchers Mund and Mitte at the University of Jena in Germany looked at 6,000 patients and found that the individuals who suppressed their anger or anxiety exhibited an elevated pulse.  Other research has shown that a consistently higher pulse can be associated with heart disease, cancer or kidney damage.  The findings suggest that people who repress their anger or high stress level and attempt to project a false appearance of calm are at higher risk for disease.

It seems when we refuse to let our anger out, it can do damage to us on the inside.  Letting one’s anger out differs from lashing out, however.  When we get angry, it is important to take a few moments and think specifically about what is upsetting us.  So often with anger, the true cause might not be as it first appears.  For example, sometimes others can trigger old hurts or trauma.  Identifying the other emotions underlying the anger is also helpful.  Gaining a better understanding about your anger will assist you in being able to express it in a healthy way.

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