By On August 10th, 2005

Removing the Stigma from Schizophrenia

On top of their psychoses, individuals with schizophrenia are often forced to deal with harsh social treatment. Recently , programs in England, Australia, and Sweden are attempting to change attitudes about schizophrenia so that people with mental disorders can interact and engage society without the current negative consequences.

In the article “The Global Fight Against the Stigma of Schizphrenia,” authors Kadri and Sartorius underscore the difficulty of such a task:

“The main obstacle to success is the fact that changes in attitudes and behaviour take time. Continuous repetition of action and financial support have to be maintained over years—despite the fact that, in the beginning, anti-stigma programmes often produce only meagre results. Maintaining the motivation of all concerned over many years is very difficult. The programme also needs the lasting involvement of all structures of the health system (and of other social services), which must see the fight against stigma as one of their permanent and essential tasks.”

Click here to read “The Global Fight Against the Stigma of Schizphrenia”

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