By On May 2nd, 2013

Regardless Of Age, Heart Health And Cognitive Function Linked

It has been known for some time that poor cardiovascular health can contribute, or be a predictor, to diminishing cognitive function in middle aged to elderly adults. But recent research suggests that this holds true for all individuals, regardless of age.

Crystal Phend, of MedPage Today, reports that “cognitive function dropped by 1.5 points on a 175-point scale for every point increase on the Framingham Risk Score”, which measures cardiovascular risk. Conversely, each point increase in the Framingham Risk Score increased the odds of a low cognitive function score by 8-percent.

This simply means that effective intervention for cognitive decline should be starting earlier than they are currently. Doctors believe they can also use these findings to help convince younger adults to take better care of themselves. Suddenly, the damage they are doing to their bodies now can have a noticeable immediate impact, rather than one later in life.

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