By On December 7th, 2005

Practical Holiday Tips for Good Mental Health (Part 2)

The holidays are synonymous with feasting, so if you’re taking medications–any kind of medications–then make sure to read the information labels to find out about any interactions with food or drink. If you’re not sure what interactions may cause problems with your medication, then now’s the time to call your doctor and ask.

The holidays aren’t just a time of joy, stress, and indulgence… they’re also a time of widespread vacationing. It’s good to keep in mind that doctors and other healthcare workers are often unavailable during some holidays, so make sure to book your appointments early to avoid lapses in prescriptions. While you’re at the appointment, remember to ask your doctor what to do in event you need medical care during the holidays.

Everyone enjoys going all out during the holidays, but that doesn’t mean you should forget the basics. Even during your most hectic holiday hassles, make a point to get enough rest each night so you can feel refreshed in the morning.

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