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Possible brain DEFECT, use DETECT

Dr. David Wright says there are 1.2 million concussions in the United States each year. Knowing that he and his partner, professor Michelle LaPlaca are working to develop a device called DETECT to make it easier to detect (no pun intended) concussions. It could be used on the sidelines of a football game or in the locker room, since concussions in football, and sports in general, are a relatively common injury.

“We want to make it widely available as soon as we can, but we do need to validate it and go through the proper steps in order to do that,” LaPlaca said.

“All the preliminary results that have come in, in terms of feasibility and sensibility, have been very positive.”

Could DETECT possibly be a valuable tool in assessing brain diseases or battlefield injuries?

“We believe it can be used for early detection of Alzheimer’s disease” Wright said.

How much could something like this cost? Around a grand initially, with a long-term goal to reduce that price by half.

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