By On November 14th, 2012

Possibility of PTSD Determined By MRI

We recently told you how CO2 tests could determine a person’s chances of developing PTSD. There is also research being done to determine if the actual anatomy of a brain, specifically the size of the amygdala, can also reveal the likelihood that one would develop PTSD.

US News reports that the amygdala is the area of the brain that controls fear and anxiety responses. Soldiers returning from combat who were showing symptoms of PTSD were observed to have smaller amygdala than those with no symptoms.

Researchers will need to conduct MRIs on soldiers before being deployed and again when they return home to conclusively determine if PTSD causes the amygdala to shrink or if those who naturally have smaller amygdala are more likely to have PTSD. Whatever the case, these findings could lead to faster treatment for those who are likely to show symptoms or possibly even a way to avoid PTSD all together.

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