By On August 9th, 2005

Personal Account of a Bipolar Artist

Mara McWilliams is an artist and author who has integrated her bipolar disorder into a deeper understanding of herself. In this moving account, she discusses the effect art therapy had on her recovery, and the role bipolar disorder plays in her paintings. She writes:

“Art therapy has been the one form of therapy that has really opened my eyes to who I am and what I feel. Since finding this form of expression, I have healed in ways I never thought would be possible for me. I used to be a cutter. One day, I decided that instead of slashing at myself with a razor, I would slash at the canvas in blood colored paint with a paint brush. The release I felt was incredible. I was still able to express my rage and anger with all the intensity I needed by slicing away at the canvas instead of my body. Since I found that tool, I have not harmed myself. It sounds simple and it really is.”

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