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PBS Newshour Explores The Hidden Struggle of Men With Eating Disorders

Men with Eating Disorders

Eating disorders have long been considered an affliction that only affects women because of the intense societal pressure to be thin. But that narrow view ignores the growing number of men who live with eating disorders and the physiological and mental underpinnings that provide the foundation for these disorders.

The National Eating Disorders Association estimates that 10 million men alive in America right now will be affected by an eating disorder in their lifetime, but that number is a very shaky guess based on the limited available research. In truth, there could be many more men silently bearing the burden of anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder because the topic is so often overlooked.

PBS Newshour recently explored why the increasingly common issue of men with eating disorders remains so hidden despite increasing awareness of these disorders among young women.

Just like eating disorders, the answer to this question is complex and multi-faceted. Changing societal expectations of men may be feeding the increasing rates of disordered eating and unhealthy dietary behaviors, and it is all but undeniable that cultural stigmas and taboos about the issue shame men from speaking out about their struggles. But, many believe treatment programs for eating disorders are also failing to adapt to men’s needs

Find out more in Laura Beil’s The Hidden, Growing Plight of Eating Disorders Among Men.

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