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Overspending is a Key Sign of Bipolar Disorder


Source: Daniel Borman

Despite affecting roughly 5.7 Americans, many are unaware of some of the less obvious symptoms of bipolar disorder. The only talked about symptoms of bipolar disorder are manic highs and terribly depressed lows. There are quite a few issues that come out of those highs and lows that we often ignore, however.

Most people consider overspending to mean splurging on something nice when you know money is tight. They might buy a nice pair of shoes “they have to have” or a night out, but for bipolar disorder sufferers, overspending can be a much bigger issue.

As reported by Reuters, author Julie Fast woke up one morning and spontaneously took a trip to China, learning Mandarin from a language class along the way. It sounds like a fun vacation, but it also cost her $10,000 and lead to her being diagnosed as bipolar. During the manic highs, bipolar disorder sufferers are known to be recklessly spontaneous, and that includes wild overspending. Fast described the manic states saying, “When you have manias, that voice of caution is literally taken away. It is gone.”

Julie Fast is not an isolated case. Overspending is considered one of the biggest clues that someone is in a manic state. Dr. Jair Soares, chairman of the psychiatry department at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, explained, “typically when folks become manic, they get overconfident and lose the ability to evaluate the consequences of their actions.”

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