By On December 2nd, 2008

Out Of Body Experiences: Therapy of the Future

The world of technology is about to bring us an entirely new realm of therapy. Thanks to the brilliant minds at the Virtual Human Interaction Lab (VHIL), researchers have found a strange trait of the human brain: it can get used to a new body almost instantly.

The process goes something like this: You don a pair of goggles that displays a video world. In this virtual reality, you look in the mirror, and suddenly a phenomenon called The Proteus Effect kicks in. Your brain begins to adapt to the body it sees in the mirror. The strange thing is that after you experience life in someone else's body, your behavior begins to reflect your perception.

People who inhabit older bodies tend to make more deposits into their retirement accounts. People who inhabit attractive bodies act more sociable in public. Already, psychologists are postulating major therapeutic scenarios that can harness the Proteus Effect. In order to resolve a marital conflict, for example, you might inhabit the virtual body of your spouse. The possibilities are wide open.

To learn more about VHIL and its potentials, click here.

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