By On October 29th, 2012

Online Mental Health Screenings For Military Families

Service members of all branches and their families now have access to an online service that assesses their mental health. The Department of Defense partnered with nonprofit ‘Screening for Mental Health’ to create the site Military Pathways.

Not only are services available online, but also over the phone and at special events. It is completely anonymous and can be used to screen for depression, PTSD, substance abuse, bipolar disorder and more.

The program is a series of questions that eventually create an understanding of a person’s mental health and whether or not a mental health professional could be beneficial.

This self-assesment method is designed to take some stigma away from mental health and give broader access to those who need it. This particular program is aimed at helping the great increase in veterans returning from overseas, but similar programs may be available for the general public.

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