By On July 2nd, 2007

Not Even Once: Montana’s Meth Commercials Mean It

Thomas Siebel, a Montana businessman and philanthropist, founded the Montana Meth project and plunked down ten million dollars to ensure it sends a message to state teens. Not even once, the commercials say–but it's the gripping and terrifying images that speak louder than the slogan.

One commercial portrays a girl turned to prostitution as a result of meth, another shows an angry young man beating on the door of his parent's house. The commercials are shocking for their realism and emotionality–it's a gut level assault on addiction. While the commercials are difficult to watch, the results have been impressive:

"Data collected in 2006 indicates that programs recently initiated in Montana have begun to have a significant impact on the state's Methamphetamine problem… While the data are preliminary, the evidence available clearly demonstrates that the prevention campaign started in 2005 by the Montana Meth Project has had a positive impact on the state of Montana." (Montanta State Attorney McGrath)

To see the commercials for yourself, click here.

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