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New Treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder Shows Promise

A group of Swiss researchers believe to have found a new type of psychotherapy effective for treating borderline personality disorder, according to their report in the current issue of Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics.

They believe motive-oriented therapeutic relationship (MOTR) is a particularly helpful therapeutic ingredient in the early treatment phase of patients with personality disorders, especially in those with borderline personality disorder.

The randomized controlled study used an add-on design in the first study to test this belief with a 10-session general psychiatric treatment with patients presenting with BPD on symptom reduction and therapeutic alliance. In total, 85 patients were randomized to either manual-based short variants of the general psychiatric management (GPM) treatment, or to the same treatment where MOTR was specifically added to the treatment. Their findings showed MOTR to be particularly effective.

Specifically, the researchers saw that MOTR showed efficacy in all areas, especially in the sense of reducing general symptoms and social problems. However, they also showed that MOTR did not yield a particular reuction of specific borderline symptoms. These findings overall suggest that adding MOTR to psychiatric and psychotherapeutic treatments of BPD would be promising, and could add insight on ways to shorten treatments for patients with BPD

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