By On November 30th, 2012

New Training Gives Hope For DCD

Developmental coordination disorder affects one out of 20 children. It’s a neurological disorder that impairs motor functions and usually is seen in conjunction with autism or ADHD. It can be extremely difficult to diagnose, especially in milder cases but has an enormous impact socially, academically and emotionally.

Until recently, children suffering from DCD had no hope to improve coordination, but a new training regimen can nearly erase the impact the disorder has on motor skills.

The training took only 20-minutes per day over a 5 to 6-week period. Read the article at Science Codex for the specifics on the training.

This breakthrough has turned a hopeless situation into a temporary setback. It’s advances like this that give hope across the entire medical field that one day, any disease or disorder could be cureable.

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