By On November 7th, 2012

New Discovery Could Repair Nerve Damage From MS

Researchers have discovered a new way to treat multiple sclerosis patients that could actually repair the damage done to their spinal cord and brain. Blocking an enzyme that prevents the regeneration of the fatty tissue, called myelin, that protects nerve cells in the spinal cord and brain could lead to improved treatments, not only for MS patients, but also for premature births, traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries and other damaging disorders.

As Sharon Kay reports for Everyday Health, the enzyme, hyaluronidase, is elevated in MS patients and seems to be what prevents the brain and spinal cord from repairing themselves.

Hyaluronidase devours hyaluronic acid, which actually works to prevent further damage from MS. Because hyaluronic acid is elevated in MS patients, this harmful enzyme leaves behind a wake of debris, which ends up impairing the natural healing process.

There is still likely years of testing to be done and this research is not going to produce a cure for MS, but rather a way to repair the damage being done by the disease.

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