By On January 18th, 2006

Meth Problems Overburdening the System

A recent article in The New York Times reveals the heavy burden that methaphetamine addiction is putting on hospitals throughout America:

“These are labor-intensive cases, and the money that’s put out is money that the hospitals won’t recover,” said Jeri Reese, an emergency room nurse manager in Greene County, Iowa, who is scheduled to speak at a news conference explaining the survey results.

Fifty-six percent of hospitals said their costs had risen because of the growing abuse of the drug. In Arkansas, where the problem has increased in severity recently, 78 percent of the hospitals said costs had increased.

It isn’t necessarily the detox and treatment of meth addiction that’s causing the strain on hospitals–it’s the related health issues many addicts face. High fevers, blood pressure problems, and heartrate problems plague meth-addicted individuals, and these health problems often require hospitalization and treatment.

Emergency rooms are becoming sobering reminders that meth addiction is a serious but treatable condition. Click her to read “Hospitals Say Meth Cases Rising.”

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