By On July 26th, 2017

Men with eating disorders share their stories

Source: Hokyoung Kim for BuzzFeed News

Men with eating disorders are more common than most are aware of. While statistically young women are more likely to be diagnosed with an eating disorder in their lifetime, current estimates suggest as many as 10 million men in America are living with anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating disorder right now. Most eating disorder experts believe that estimate is also shockingly low compared to the real numbers.

Many consider eating disorders a “girl problem” and men have been socialized to hide their struggles with body image or disordered eating out of fear of being seen as “weak.” Because of how they keep their eating disorders hidden, it makes it hard to accurately gauge just how many men really struggle with eating disorders. However, it is more than clear that any male living with disordered eating is far from alone.

Buzzfeed recently asked their community to share with them about their experiences being a guy with an eating disorder, and the stories are heartbreaking. While each anecdote is different and reflects the diversity of people living with disordered eating, they also share a few worrying traits throughout.

Most of those who wrote in say they kept their eating disorder secret for surprisingly long periods of time – often years. Even when they found the strength to come forward, many were ignored or dismissed because of their gender.

Find out more about what it’s like being a man with an eating disorder over at Buzzfeed.

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