By On May 20th, 2013

Ketamine Remains A Promising Treatment Option

Ketamine, an anesthetic agent, has been the jumping off point for a number of studies in the past few months. Researchers have theorized that it can be helpful in a number of psychiatric disorders, including obsessive compulsive disorder, depression and even some forms of autism. John Gever, of MedPage Today, reports that the drug is still being regarded as a promising future option thanks to positive results from studies presented at the American Psychiatric Association’s annual meeting.

Research with ketamine initially progressed slowly and cautiously as it had never been used to treat humans with a disease or disorder. After passing those initial hurdles, however, research has gained steam and found that ketamine has a significant effect in many psychiatric disorders. Most intriguing is the speed at which ketamine seems to act. In the case of depression, most treatment options take weeks before any improvement can be noted. Ketamine, however, has been observed to make an almost immediate impact, within hours at times, that can last for an entire week. When dealing with a disorder that can often include suicidal inclinations, that speed of impact is incredible.


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