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Jordan Burnham had everything to live for

Jordan Burnham had everything to live for. He was popular, captain of his school golf team, an anchor on the school news team, a pitcher, and even home coming king. However, Jordan had a secret, a secret that many teenagers conceal, a secret of depression. Jordan reportedly felt an extreme amount of pressure to perform academically, balancing his schooling with all of the other areas of his involvement. When the pressure became too much Jordan, rather than discussing his problem with friends or family, turned to alcohol. Jordan’s parents recall that they found beer and liquor in the trunk of his car once, which was an unusual behavior for Jordan. As the stress, depression and alcohol use went unspoken, Jordan decided to take his life by jumping from the 9th floor window in his parents loft. Amazingly, he survived to tell his story. According to Jordan the one thing that he feels could have changed things and prevented his suicide attempt would have been talking to someone about his suicidal thoughts. The follow video from CNN.com tells his story <click here>

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