By On May 7th, 2015

It’s Just Us!

Beams of Light

Last Friday night, May 1st,   I attended the Mental Health Association of Oklahoma’s 12th Annual Fashion and Talent show. The various mental health organizations around Tulsa were represented and the models for fashion and talent were drawn from their consumers. The audience was huge and the hall was filled to the rafters. The tone was upbeat and casual, and the show’s theme this year was, “Beams of Light.”  For those of us who work with people experiencing a mental health crisis it was wonderful to see the joy and happiness experienced by the participants.  The participants’ own words to describe their personal growth and recovery, shared with us by the show’s MC, Kristin Dickerson, were inspirational. As Michael Brose, the Association’s long-term Executive Director has often said: “There is no us and them.  There’s just us!”.  Those words rang true for me as I got into the groove of a participant dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean.” Why do I think that we all would do that if we weren’t so worried about what people would think?

Mental illness and the disease of addiction can happen to anyone.  As Mike Brose says: it’s “just us!”.

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