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It’s in the Genes, Not in the Jeans

Recently published in the International Journal of Eating Disorders, a study was conducted on the topic of thin idealization between twins. Kelly Klump, Ph.D., of Michigan State University of Lansing and her colleagues, conducted a study on female twins that found that between the ages of 12 and 22 years of age, identical (monozygotic) twins were more likely to share a view of ideal thinness than fraternal (dizygotic) twins. This research in turn reflected that there is a genetic component to internalizing the prevalence of the thin idealization.

Throughout society, a thin appearance is a sign of wealth and beauty. From the supermodels on the runway to actors/ actresses that uphold rigorous exercise regimens, meal plans and cosmetic surgery, the public is being mentally swayed and buying in to the influence that skinny is the only/ superior way of life.  The Western cultural way of caving to this mindset is part of the cause to a monstrous escalation of eating disorders; therefore, adding to the overwhelming numbers of suicides correlated with this mental health disorder.

If you or someone you know reflects in actions or verbiage this quest for complete perfection, reach out to them and help guide them to receive the help that they deserve to be blissful in their genes/jeans.

For more information on the genetic study, click here.

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