By On January 30th, 2013

Is Yoga A Treatment Option?

With the meteoric rise in popularity over the past decade, yoga has gained a lot of believers. Many are experimenting with the various benefits of a regular yoga based fitness regime and some even claim that yoga can reduce symptoms of mental health disorders.

Alexandra Sifferlin reports for Time that yoga can be helpful in the treatment of mild depression and sleep issues. When coupled with medication, yoga can even be beneficial for those suffering from ADHD or schizophrenia.

Experts believe that doing yoga influences brain chemicals, lowers inflammation and produces a healthier balance of lipids and can even have a similar effect to the body as antidepressants and psychotherapy. However, yoga is not alone in these benefits. Most forms of exercise affect the body in a similar fashion.

Still, yoga is a low-impact form of fitness that is done in a calming, soothing environment. While it likely will not and should not take the place of other proven forms of treatment for mental health disorders, it has potentially helpful benefits and no apparent downside.

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    Interesting! Glad brookhaven is interested in Yoga! 🙂

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