By On January 17th, 2013

Is Milkshake To Aide Early Dementia Patients Too Good To Be True?

Earlier this week, a so-called “brain boosting” milkshake hit stores in the UK. It contains omega 3 fatty acids, B vitamins and other nutrients that are said to increase brain cells used for memory and those in the early stages of dementia are being targeted as consumers.

Jenny Hope, of the Daily Mail, reports that Souvenaid is not cheap, however, at just over five American dollars a pop. Considering that it’s supposed to be taken once daily, that’s about $2-thousand a year for a product that researchers say is less effective than less expensive medications already being used in Alzheimer’s patients.

The Souvenaid milkshake is likely good for the average person’s brain, but whether or not it can be recommended for dementia or Alzheimer’s is still very much in question. And, for anyone, there’s likely a cheaper, more effective alternative.

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