By On November 26th, 2012

How Your Risk For Parkinson’s Can Triple

After recent studies and research, scientists believe that Parkinson’s disease may be the result of certain environmental factors, in addition to genetic variations. Specifically, they’ve found that exposure to the herbicide paraquat increases the risk of developing Parkinson’s.

Paraquat is a chemical liquid used for killing plants and weeds. But an alternative is surely needed if these findings are accurate. For adults who have suffered any sort of past head trauma, brain cells are even more susceptible to being affected by the herbicide and their risk of Parkinson’s tripled.

You should keep in mind that these results do not suggest that head trauma and pesticides cause Parkinson’s, only that they, along with a number of other possibilities contribute to the risk of developing it. However, one would think that even if certain chemicals only increased the risk of humans contracting a disease, those chemicals would cease to be used in favor of something less potentially harmful.

Lara Salahi has more for ABC News.

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