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How a running habit led to an eating disorder

One of the biggest misunderstandings around eating disorders is the belief that having an eating disorder is a choice. A significant number of people still think that those living with an eating disorder just decided to stop eating properly one day in the pursuit of a thinner body.

That’s rarely the reality. For many people living with an eating disorder, the path towards their condition actually starts in an attempt to be healthier. For Lauren Arva, it started with running to improve her rugby stamina.

At first, running was just a healthy hobby that complimented Arva’s passion for rugby. Over the course of more than a year, however, her hobby started to take over her life. It grew into an addiction which led to an eating disorder.

Arva recently recounted how her eating disorder developed so slowly she never even recognized she was developing it. While she could see that her running habit was getting out of control, it was the cover for something even more dangerous; something she is still recovering from today.

Read Arva’s story “How Too Much Exercise Can Damage Your Mental Health” on Unwritten.

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