By On November 5th, 2012

Hormone Therapy A Questionable Decision For Women

There are inherent risks and benefits associated with hormone replacement therapy for menopausal women. One benefit, the findings of which come from a recent long-running study, is the decreased risk of Alzheimer’s.

Julie Steenhuysen writes that the risk of Alzheimer’s drops by as much as 30-percent for women who start horomone replacement within five years of menopause.

Hormone therapy drugs do increase the risk of breast cancer, heart disease and gall bladder disease, but only during prolonged use.

There are many detractors, including a U.S. Preventive Services task force, which recently recommended against hormone treatments as a way to prevent chronice disease. Another study actually showed an increase in the risk of Alzheimer’s for women on hormone drugs.

The one key seems to be the 5-year window after menopause begins. Women participating in the study that saw a rise in their Alzheimer’s risk were in their 60s and outside of the 5-year window. Even so, there is much research and testing to be done before anything conclusive is discovered.

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