By On December 5th, 2008

Holidays in Rehab

The holiday season is a particularly rough time for individuals in treatment and their loved ones. For many who are in treatment during this season , it is a time of intense struggles, filled with feelings about being away from family and friends and managing cravings. Let's call the holiday period "a trigger" time for people who are in treatment. Family members and friends need to be aware of how much additional support their person needs. There may be additional guilt or shame about missing the holidays or affecting the lives of their family. Relapse is common during the holiday season which starts with Thanksgiving as individuals experience stressors in their lives and feelings of loss. Managing feelings to prevent relapse involves the person and those around him or her. Recognition of the what causes the problems is very important to getting through the holiday times.

Some ideas:

 We know the holiday season is a tough time, let's work to keep life on track!

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